Research at the Heart Institute

Research at the Heart Institute

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Since 2004, our research effort increased dramatically. Through 2008, the number of research applications submitted for competitive provincial and federal funding more than doubled. Our total funding increased from $25 million to $65 million. For the first time, the number of principle investigators exceeded 60. Our research endowment doubled. Our research received worldwide recognition through publications in prestigious journals, such as:


Through research endeavors, we have established nationally recognized core facilities. For instance, the National Cardiac PET Centre is the core laboratory for the Canadian Atherosclerosis Imaging Network (CAIN) and the Ruddy Canadian Cardiovascular Genetics Centre is the core facility for the Canadian Network and Centre for Clinical Trials Internationally (CANNeCTIN).

Our research includes basic, translational and clinical work. We recognize that today’s research is tomorrow’s treatment. Our goal is to establish seamless research and patient care by effectively translating research from “bench to bedside” with full participation of the clinician and scientist.

Our studies encompass an extensive network of national and international partnerships in order to pursue specific areas of research. In many cases, the sheer scope of modern research, particularly in genetics, is beyond the expertise or resources of any single institution. Joint efforts and programs are increasingly common.

Our research infrastructure encompasses endowed lectures, fellowships, research chairs and advanced research equipment that fosters an ability to pursue excellence and gain worldwide recognition. Our research endeavors are supported through a growing number of investigators and competitive research funding obtained via grants, contracts and a vigorous fundraising campaign. Our ultimate goal is to generate a $100 million Research and Education endowment fund which rivals any cardiovascular endowment in the world.