Our Board - Committees


The Heart Institute Board of Directors has standing committees that meet regularly between board meetings. These committees include:

External Communications Committee

Chair: Graham Fox
Purpose: To oversee the Heart Institute’s branding, naming and communications strategies.

French Language Committee

Chair: Latifa Belmahdi
Purpose: To establish and maintain effective French language health services at the Heart Institute and ensure the continued availability, permanence and quality of these services.

Governance Committee

Chair: Paul Labarge
Purpose: To oversee and enhance governance of the Heart Institute. This includes board member orientation and development, board committee structure and performance, member selection and nominations to committees, and CEO performance.

Joint Finance and Audit Committee (UOHI/OHIRC)

Chair: Tom Manley
Purpose: To provide advice on operational and financial matters relating to the institutes. This is a standing committee of the Boards of Directors of the Heart Institute and OHIRC.

Quality of Care Committee

Chair: Coralie Lalonde
Purpose: To oversee the quality of cardiac patient care within the Heart Institute and the cardiology service at the General Campus on behalf of the Quality Committee of the Board at The Ottawa Hospital. The Committee ensures that the quality of patient care is an integral component of the governance and management of the Heart Institute.

Redevelopment Committee

Chair: Graham Bird
Purpose: To provide overall oversight governance, responsibility and accountability for the implementation of the redevelopment project known as the Life Support Capital Project at the Institute to ensure that budget, schedule, quality and other project objectives are achieved.

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