Foundation and Patient Support

Our Foundation

Three smiling people2016-17 was an exciting year for the Foundation. Thanks to the generous and continued support of our community and their participation in a number of initiatives throughout the year—including the Fuller Keon Golf Tournament, Hearts in Motion, the Jeanne Fuller Red Dress Golf Tournament, Capital Oktoberfest and Heart Month which raised an amazing $476,000—the Foundation was able to make significant contributions to a number of key initiatives. In addition to providing financial support for the construction and completion of the expansion, Foundation contributions included:

  • $427,000 to support the Women’s Heart Health Program
  • $325,000 to support educational programs
  • $631,000 to support the Institute’s equipment needs
  • $4,430,000 to support research

Our focus in 2017-18, and beyond, will be not only on the completion of the new building and much-needed renovations to the existing building, but on purchasing the state-of-the-art equipment it will require to enhance our patient-centred standard of care.

“I realize people are asked to support so many things, and they have to pick and choose what is important to them. What I can tell you is that my life has changed and improved—even been saved—because of everything the Heart Institute does. I know that without donations and support from people in our community, people like me simply would not have access to the same level of treatment.”

- Olivia Hiddema, Grateful patient

UOHI Auxiliary

Three members of the UOHI AuxiliaryThe Heart Institute Auxiliary is pleased to be able to continue its strong tradition of support to the Heart Institute family. Our volunteers are available 12 hours a day, 365 days a year and provide a warm welcome to the Heart Institute to all patients, their families and visitors. Our over 150 volunteers ranging in age from 17 to 80+, function in six different areas of the Heart Institute and in 2016-17 contributed over 15,000 volunteer hours.

The Heart Institute Auxiliary also provides funding for equipment purchases through the operation of the Atrium Boutique, and we were pleased to be able to contribute another $25,000 last year to add to the over $1,000,000 already donated.

  • 15,000 volunteer hours per year
  • 150 volunteers
  • 6 work areas
  • Raised more than $1 million for UOHI equipment and projects

Patient Alumni Association

While the Patient Alumni moves forward with its new direction, where all patients are now automatic members of the Association, it continues to fund many projects aimed at improving patient comfort and support. As part of the new Alumni model, a comprehensive five-year agreement has been signed with UOHI and the Foundation, forming a strategic partnership to support a world-class patient-centred heart institute in Canada. As part of this process, the Alumni has developed and aligned its strategic plan to that of UOHI.

In its efforts to provide improved support to patients, family members, relatives, friends and caregivers, the Alumni has invested significant efforts and resources to further develop its communications tools. It has revamped and significantly improved its corporate website. In addition, it has developed an online patient engagement forum “community website” where patients and families can connect with each other to seek support and share stories. This new forum is an effective tool to connect patients with other patients and offer informal peer counseling recognized by Health Quality Ontario.

The Alumni has, and continues to be, heavily involved in the Heart Institute’s patient engagement initiatives. Its involvement is well described in the Growing Our Institute Model section.

In 2016, the Alumni celebrated its 30th anniversary as a legal entity, even though Dr. Keon conceptualized it almost 40 years ago. This celebration recognized Dr. Keon’s significant contribution and that of many others who have been involved in its continued efforts to support and comfort patients. The Alumni also noted its contributions to projects and services to UOHI in excess of $5 million.