After Your Procedure

You will be on bed rest for up to six hours after your procedure. It is important that you keep your head on a pillow and your affected leg straight. You will be reminded to do these two things to reduce bleeding at the insertion site. If you notice any swelling or bleeding at the insertion site, it is important you inform your nurse. If you experience any back discomfort, inform the nurse and you can be repositioned with help. Please note that there may be bruising or discolouration at the insertion site. A certain amount of bruising, stiffness or soreness at the insertion site is expected. A small bruise or lump is normal and will likely go away on its own. You are more likely to experience bruising if you were on a blood thinner before your procedure. Some numbness or tingling in the affected limb immediately after the test is normal. Such numbness and tingling should disappear by the time you are ready for discharge. You may eat and drink as you normally would upon return to your unit. Your nurse will assist you as needed.

Discharge and Follow-Up Care

Before you are discharged, your doctor and nurse will go over the procedure and next steps with you. The nurse will tell you how to take care of your insertion site. Also, any changes in your medications will be discussed. This will also be a good time to talk about returning to work and when you can drive and resume other activities.

Before you leave, you will need your intravenous (IV) line removed and you may require a prescription to take to your pharmacist.


Before you leave, make sure you have received information about:

  • Medication changes
  • Symptoms to report
  • Activity guidelines
  • Driving restrictions
  • Return to work

Follow-Up Appointment

Expect to be contacted by your electrophysiologist’s office to schedule a follow up appointment. If you have not been contacted within a week, call the office.

For your follow-up appointment, make sure you bring:

  • Your medication list and your medications in their original packaging
  • A list of any questions or problems you wish to discuss