Webinar: Nicotine Dependence

Weekly on Thursday, 11 am - 12 pm, until Thursday, December 19, 2024
Emilie Serano, advanced practice nurse


This educational class is suitable for patients who are using tobacco products or e-cigarettes, and their families.

At the end of the class, participants should be able to do the following:

  • Understand why it's hard to quit using tobacco products or e-cigarettes.
  • Know your options and how the medications that help you quit smoking work.
  • Learn how to add changes to your daily routine during your quit attempt.
  • Discuss some of the common obstacles to quitting and how to prepare for them.
  • Know how to prevent relapse.




Microsoft Teams.

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Note: If you are unable to access the class via the URL provided, you may join the session via telephone by dialling (613) 696-7010 or Toll-Free (North America) 1-844-977-7010, then enter the room #: 701017179 and pound (#) at the start time indicated.

Attention: The presenters ask participating patients and families not to include identifying information when joining this webinar. Do not use your full name. Disable your camera and microphone during the class. Do not use the chat function unless you are comfortable asking questions to the group.


No registration required.

More information

Please dial 613-696-7069 and ask to speak to the advanced practice nurse.