Webinar: While You Wait For Your Cardiovascular Rehabilitation Program

Weekly on Wednesday, 1 - 2 pm, until Wednesday, December 18, 2024
: Physiotherapist and Registered Nurse

An educational class for patients and their loved one(s) who are waiting for their first appointment with Cardiac Rehabilitation. This class will help patients understand what  they can do while waiting for their cardiac rehabilitation program to start as well as reviewing important information regarding symptom management and general post discharge education. 

Upon completion of the session, participants should be able to:

  • Identify what to do and who to contact if they have new or worsening symptoms after discharge.
  • Understand physical activities between hospital discharge and start of cardiac rehabilitation.
  • Understand the importance of medications and follow-up appointments  with their surgeon or cardiologist, family doctor after discharge.
  • Understand what preparations are important for their first Cardiac Rehabilitation (Intake) appointment.
  • Access resources immediately that will promote heart healthy living and better health outcomes while waiting for cardiac rehabilitation.




This class is organized through Microsoft Teams. Please click the join button below to connect.

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Note: If you are unable to access the class via the URL provided, you may join the session via telephone by dialling the number below:

Teleconference option:

  • Local access: 613-696-7010
  • Toll-free (North America):1-844-977-7010 

Account Information:

  • Participant Room ID:701014542 

Attention: The presenters ask participating patients and families not to include identifying information when joining this webinar. Do not use your full name. Disable your camera and microphone during the class. Do not use the chat function unless you are comfortable asking questions to the group.


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Please dial 613-696-7068