Subventions et prix récents

Félicitations aux chercheurs de l’Institut de cardiologie pour une autre belle année de succès avec l’obtention de nouvelles subventions de la Fondation des maladies du cœur et de l’AVC et les IRSC! Nos chercheurs viennent de se voir attribuer un financement approuvé par les pairs qui leur permettra de poursuivre leurs recherches de pointe sur la maladie du cœur et d’améliorer les soins offerts à nos patients.

CIHR  Project Grant 

Emilio Alarcon, PhD (NPI) and Erik Suuronen, PhD (co-PI) 
 Multilayer Hybrid Biomaterial for Treatment of Diabetic Foot Ulcers
$367,200 over 4 years

Girish Nair, MD
Augmented Wide Area Circumferential Catheter Ablation For Reduction of Atrial Fibrillation Recurrence (AWARE) - A Multicentre Randomized Clinical Trial
$747,404 over 3 years

Jennifer Reed, PhD
Exercise Training in Patients with Persistent or Permanent Atrial Fibrillation
$344,250 over 3 years 

Robert Reid, PhD
Randomized trial of peer support for women with heart disease
$405,449 over 3 years

Alexandre Stewart, PhD
Genetic mechanisms of arterial calcification
$554,625 over 5 years 

Heart & Stroke Grant-in-Aid

Rob Beanlands, MD
Bio-AIMI-HF Study: Role of Biomarkers in Optimizing Imaging Directed

Management in Ischemic Heart Failure
$289,338 over 3 years

Sharon Chih, MBBS, PhD
Early Post Transplant Cardiac Allograft Vasculopathy: ECAV Phase I
$300,000 over 3 years

Lisa Mielniczuk, MD
Spironolactone Therapy in Chronic Stable Right Heart Failure (STAR-HF)
$281,648 over 3 years

Pablo Nery, MD
Correlation between Arrhythmia Mechanism and Substrate to Ablate Persistent Atrial Fibrillation
$205,619 over 3 years

Mireille Ouimet, PhD
Macrophage Lipophagy in Immunometabolism and Atherosclerosis
$250,136 over 3 years

Heart & Stroke Emerging Research Leaders Initiative (ERLI)

Sharon Chih, MBBS, PhD
Heart transplant allograft vasculopathy research program
$150,000 over 3 years

Jennifer Reed, PhD
Exercise training in patients with atrial fibrillation
$148,424 over 3 years

Benjamin Rotstein, PhD
Validation of a fluorine-18 radiotracer for imaging sympathetic denervation in cardiac
$138,000 over 3 years

Heart & Stroke Foundation Personnel Awards

HSFC New Investigator Award
Wenbin Liang, MD, PhD
Role of Wnt signaling in cardiac arrhythmogenesis
$260,000 over 4 years

As highest ranked New Investigator in above competition, Dr Liang has also been awarded
McDonald Scholarship for 2017/18

HSF Ontario Mid-Career Investigator Award
Lisa Mielniczuk, MD
The evaluation of neurohormonal and metabolic aspects of heart failure across the translational
$320,000 over 4 years