Cardiac Rehabilitation

The Heart Institute’s Cardiac Rehabilitation programs ensure that those who have had a recent cardiac event or procedure are assisted in their recovery and develop new levels of fitness and health. These programs are informed and enhanced by our ongoing research activities which address an array of issues pertinent to the prevention of heart disease.

Three types of programs are offered:


  • Inpatient Program
    The Inpatient Program provides hospitalized patients with specialized care, including physiotherapy, occupational therapy, nutrition counselling, smoking cessation guidance, discharge planning, emotional support, and speech therapy. The program is an important link in the rehabilitation continuum, offering home exercise programs and facilitating referrals to the outpatient program.
  • Outpatient Program
    Following discharge from the hospital, the Outpatient Program assists participants in acquiring the skills needed to get back to everyday life after a cardiac event and maintain a heart-healthy lifestyle.
  • Community and Regional Programs
    In addition to the programs offered at the Heart Institute, Cardiac Rehabilitation offers information on options available throughout the region.

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