Making a Difference in People's Lives

The work of the University of Ottawa Heart Institute has touched the lives of untold thousands of patients, near and far. Do we make a difference? Here, in their own words, are some of our patients’incredible stories of their journeys from sickness to health.


Brian Kilrea's Story

Getting you back on track after bypass surgery


Patient Satisfaction

You speak, We listen: Providing the best patient care in Ontario


Herta Rohde's Story

Healing patients and their families with innovative procedures


500th Transplant Story

500 heart transplants: One talented team and a life-changing gift


Sleep Apnea and Heart Failure

Research Study Opens Promising New Avenues for Treatment of Heart Failure


Jerry's Story

Double Bypass Surgery and Taking Steps Towards a Heart Healthy Life


The Day Unit Volunteer Program

Volunteers in the Day Unit Lift Patients’Spirits and Calm Nerves


Don's Story

Heart Condition Forces a Commitment to a Healthier Lifestyle


Serge's Story

Transplant Recipient and Heart Institute Staff Fly High


Mel's Story

Life-saving Treatment Revives a Healthy Active Father


jason's Story

Ground-breaking Corrective Valve Surgery for Congenital Heart Issues


Mark's Story

Making Life Easier with Minimally Invasive Surgery


Lynn's Story

Beating Heart Attack and Depression


Mary's Story

Creating a Better Quality of Life


Margret's Story

Fixing a Faulty Valve Flap



Danielle's Story

When Something Routine Becomes Complicated


Jim's Story

When Heart Disease Interrupts Living Well and Sharing Joy


Ken's Story

When a Heart Needs Help to Beat More Strongly


MJ's Story

When Not Saying No Can Lead to Heart Disease


Sean's Story

When Pressure in the Lungs Impairs the Heart



Gary's Story

When Heart Disease Come as a Surprise


Morey Family Story

When Knowing About Heart Disease Brings Relief


Stephanie's Story

When Being Born with a Heart Defect Can Threaten Your Life


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