Celebrating our Project Grant Results

Over $2 Million awarded in CIHR project grant funding over the next five years

The Heart Institute wishes to recognize and celebrate the outstanding achievements of Dr. Robert Beanlands, Dr. Darryl Davis, Dr. Kerri-Anne Mullen, and Dr. Louise Sun, recipients of CIHR project grant funding totalling $2,032,301 over 3-5 years.


Dr. Robert BeanlandsRob Beanlands, MD

Co-PI: Dr. Paolo Raggi
The Canadian Study of Arterial Inflammation in Patients with Diabetes and Recent Vascular Events: EvaluatioN of Canakinumab Effectiveness (CADENCE)
Amount: $504,900 over 4 years


Darryl Davis, MDDarryl Davis, MD

Extracellular vesicle-based therapy for atrial fibrillation
Amount: $378,675 over 3 years


Kerri-Anne Mullen, PhDKerri-Anne Mullen, PhD

The INITIATE Study: Initiating nicotine dependence treatment for smokers admitted to emergency departments
Amount: $888,625 over 5 years


Louise Sun, MDLouise Sun, MD

Development and Application of a Patient-Defined Outcome in Patients with Ischemic Cardiomyopathy
Amount: $260,101 over 3 years



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