Inaugural Innovation Fund Award for the Heart Institute

The Heart Institute has received the Innovation Fund Award in the category Cardiovascular, Emergency and Critical Care from IFPOC. IFPOC is the Innovation Fund Provincial Oversight Committee (IFPOC) and pilot projects evaluating new approaches to deliver better medical care to Ontarians.

The Heart Institute received this award for the project “Heart Failure Telelink: Using Interactive Voice Response Technology to improve Patient Outcomes”. Submitted by Lisa Mielniczuk, MD, to IFPOC, the project is lead by Christine Struthers and her team. Interactive voice recognition (IVR) technology uses speech recognition to deliver phone calls every two weeks to assess heart failure symptoms, offer additional educational material and medication information, receive self-care information from the system and track readmission and satisfaction at the end of the three-month follow-up. The technology is easy to use with any type of phone system, has a broad reach into remote rural communities and requires minimal resources to implement.

To date, IVR is one of two remote monitoring strategies used to follow over 2,000 heart failure patients in the community.

To learn more on the Innovation Fund Awards, visit IFPOC’s website.

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