New in The Beat: August

Hybrid operating roomHybrid Operating Room: A Space Dedicated to Cross-Disciplinary Cardiac Care

Bringing surgeons and cardiologists together to make tailored, more efficient care possible, especially for complex and higher-risk patients

A Way to Find and Stop Heart Attacks Before They Happen

Heart Institute researchers have found a way to identify locations in arteries at high risk of causing a heart attack

Warning Sounded on Drugs that Pose Risk for Heart Failure Patients

American Heart Association statement highlights steps to avoid adverse drug reactions

Rapid Beats: Heart Disease News and Updates for August

In this round up: Years of life lost to unhealthy habits, heart disease dropping behind cancer as cause of death and reducing the risk of brain injury with TAVI

40th Anniversary Flashback: Discovery of the Most Significant Genetic Risk Factor for Heart Disease

The 9p21 finding put genetic research at the Heart Institute on the map

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