New in The Beat: May

Illustration de cinq personnes. Une d'entre elles est d'une couleur distinctive.Many People at Risk of Heart Attack See No Need to Improve Their Health

Nearly one in five Canadians at highest risk of having a heart attack don’t think they need to change their unhealthy lifestyle

Dr. Thais Coutinho: On Preventing Heart Disease and Helping Patients Recover

The new Chief of Prevention and Rehabilitation discusses the importance of health promotion, extending the reach of cardiac rehab and building on the legacy of her renowned predecessor

How Air Pollution Can Impact Your Heart Health

New research uncovers ways that air pollution may do the damage it does to our hearts and blood vessels

Preclinical Cardiovascular Research Found Lacking in Scientific Rigor

New studies show sex bias and methodological flaws are common in laboratory research

Rapid Beats: Heart Disease News and Updates for May

In this round up, hot flashes, unemployment and lack of evidence for muscle pain with statins

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