A computer screen displaying the myOttawaHeart portalmyOttawaHeart is a secure online patient portal that lets you access your personal health information in the privacy of your home, or from a computer or mobile device anywhere in the world.

Features of myOttawaHeart

With myOttawaHeart you can: 

  • View your personal health information from the University of Ottawa Heart Institute  
    • Clinical documentation
    • Cardiac-related laboratory results 
    • Cardiac diagnostic testing reports 
    • Outpatient and inpatient visit history 
  • Access educational information, resources and tools to support self-care 
  • Receive clinical follow-up questionnaires 

Optional Features 

  • You can choose to share your health information with family members and/or health care providers 
  • Self-care templates allow you to track upcoming appointments and measurements such as weight and abdominal girth

Privacy and Security

The University of Ottawa Heart Institute is committed to protecting the privacy and security of patient information. Our data privacy and information security practices comply with relevant legal requirements and organizational policies for information protection. 
Patient data in myOttawaHeart may be accessed only by the registered patient user and those additional individuals designated by the patient to have access. 

How to Register 

You can register for myOttawaHeart at the Outpatient Clinic on floor H2. 

  1. At your clinic visit, provide your email address to the registration staff. 
  2. An email containing a personal identification number and link to a website will be sent to you. 
  3. Using the email link to the website, create your personal account with your own username and password. 
  4. Access myOttawaHeart at

For more information or assistance, contact our support staff: 
By phone: 613-696-7020
By email: 

myOttawaHeart was developed in collaboration with the Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto, where their patient portal has been in use for over 10 years.

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