Coutinho, Thais


Cardiologist Thais Coutinho, MD, is Division Head of Prevention and Rehabilitation at the University of Ottawa Heart Institute and Assistant Professor of Medicine at the University of Ottawa. In addition, she is chair of the Heart Institute’s Canadian Women’s Heart Health Centre.


Dr. Coutinho received her MD from the Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 2004. Shortly after, she moved to Rochester, Minnesota, USA to pursue training in Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Vascular Medicine, advanced Echocardiography and research at the Mayo Clinic.

Dr. Coutinho has had many presentations at national and international meetings and has published several peer-reviewed manuscripts in the field of Cardiovascular Diseases. She has received numerous awards, including the American Heart Association’s Young Investigator and  Women in Cardiology Awards, the American College of Cardiology’s Young Investigator Award (2nd place), Mayo Clinic’s Summerskill Award for Research by a Fellow with a Clinical Appointment, and the Mayo Clinic’s Cardiovascular Division Outstanding Achievement Award.

She is board certified in Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Vascular Medicine and Echocardiography. She joined the Heart Institute in 2013.

Research & Clinical Interests 

Dr. Coutinho’s clinical and research interests centre upon arterial diseases, with special emphasis on the role of arterial stiffness and the aorta’s elastic properties on disease progression in patients with thoracic aorta aneurysms, and in the pathogenesis of heart failure with preserved ejection fraction. In addition, she has an interest in peripheral arterial diseases, highlighting the role of an intensive risk factor management and walking rehabilitation program on patient’s overall health, exercise endurance and quality of life.


See current publications list at PubMed.

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