Hadizad, Tayebeh


Tayebeh Hadizad is Head Radiochemist of the radiochemistry facility at the University of Ottawa Heart Institute, Cardiac PET Centre.


Tayebeh Hadizad received her PhD in Organic Chemistry from Carleton University, Ottawa in 2007. She pursued her postdoctoral research at the National Cardiac PET Centre, University of Ottawa Heart Institute focusing on design, radiosynthesis and characterization of novel 11C-AT1 receptor ligands and completed the pre-clinical studies of the radiotracers. She was then recruited as a research scientist and developed methods to synthesize several 11C and 18F radiotracers. In 2012, she became the radiochemistry laboratory production manager and since June 2014, she is acting as a head radiochemist at the National Cardiac PET Centre of the University of Ottawa Heart Institute.

Tayebeh has over 20 years of experiences in research, design and synthesis of novel radiotracers being used for pre-clinical and clinical investigations both in PET and SPECT.

Research & Clinical Interests 

Hadizad is interested in the research and development of the cardiovascular, neurological and oncological imaging agents. She is currently investigating novel probes for pre-clinical and clinical investigations using PET.

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