Details of Your Operation

You will be coming back to see your surgeon for a checkup four to six weeks after you are discharged from the hospital. If you live far away, contact the surgeon’s office and let them know if you would like an appointment through telehealth.

Call the surgeon’s office for an appointment during the first week you are at home.

Follow-up Telecare Phone Calls

Automated telephone calls from the Heart Institute are made to patients in their home as a way to determine how you are progressing after discharge. Expect to receive an automated telephone call on the third and tenth day, at one and three months after your discharge from the Heart Institute. You do not have to stay by your phone. The system will make three attempts to reach you. Please ensure the nursing coordinator has the right phone number to contact you.

The system will call you by name and ask you a series of questions that require a yes or no answer. Information and health care tips will also be delivered by the system. The Surgical Nursing Coordinator will review your answers and if any concerns, will call you. For more information, see “We’ll Be Keeping in Touch” at the end of this guide.