Collaborating with the Heart Institute

The Heart Institute encourages investigators to collaborate with industry partners to broaden their research activities and maximize their research impact.  We have a proven track record of positive mutually beneficial industry partnerships.

There are a number of ways to collaborate with the Heart Institute.

Partnering Opportunities

Working with Our Investigators

If your company is looking to partner with a Heart Institute investigator, you can:

  • Learn more about our researchers to identify a potential collaborator; or
  • Contact us about your request and we can identify potential collaborators on your behalf.

Once a potential collaborator is identified, we will work with you and the investigator to establish a mutually beneficial partnering opportunity.

Working with Our Trainees

If your company is looking for candidates, we can work with Mitacs, OCE, Connect Canada, and other industry/academia partnership opportunities to facilitate partnerships.

Licensing Our Technologies

The Heart Institute’s intellectual property (IP) portfolio includes patents, trade-marks, and copyrighted materials.   If your company is interested in learning more about our IP portfolio and licensing opportunities, we are happy to provide you with additional information.

Accessing Our Services

The Heart Institute offers a number of services through its core facilities.  

Please feel free to contact the Director of Legal Affairs to discuss collaboration opportunities with the Heart Institute.

Aisha Weaver
Director of Legal Affairs

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