Canadian Women’s Heart Health Summit

Banner for the 2018 Canadian Women's Heart Health Summit

Hosted by the University of Ottawa Heart Institute and Heart&Stroke, the 2018 Canadian Women’s Heart Health Summit is taking place April 5-6, 2018 at the Westin Ottawa Hotel located in downtown Ottawa, Ontario. 

Building on the success of the April 2016 Summit, this event will bring together approximately 250 national and international experts and stakeholders to further advance women’s heart health. Together, we will transform and enhance Canadian women’s lives through research, awareness, policy development and care. 

This is an accredited opportunity for knowledge exchange for a variety of stakeholders including primary care providers, cardiologists, gynecologists, pharmacists, nurses, cardiac rehabilitation providers, allied healthcare providers, researchers, policy-makers, community partners and women with lived experience.

For more information, visit Canadian Women’s Heart Health Summit.

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