Cell Imaging and Histology Core Facility

The Cell Imaging & Histology Core Facility supports many of the ORACLE Strategic Initiatives for any/all research projects involving animal or patient tissue or cellular samples. It provides regional researchers with access to the equipment and expertise in histology, imaging and analysis that enable high quality data interpretation to support grant applications and publications. 

Importantly, the electron microscope (EM) housed within the Facility is the only EM in the Ottawa region dedicated to research. Our facility fosters collaborative projects across the Ottawa region by providing expertise in EM imaging and interpretation, and has attracted many investigators across the Ottawa region (i.e., BMI, CMM, OHRI, Health Canada). Our new histology services offer fee-for-service histological analysis that is of extraordinarily high quality with diverse staining that is not available elsewhere (i.e., atherosclerotic lesion analysis, collagen PSR staining). Therefore, the UOHI Cell Imaging & Histology Core Facility is unique in the Ottawa area, particularly with regard to its EM services.

Our Facility allows the researchers to choose between a subscription fee (annual fee intended for frequent users) or a fee-for-service structure (intended for occasional users/specialty projects). Other microscopy services (confocal, laser-capture, etc.) are available to all UOHI and regional investigators.


  • Electron Microscopy Imaging and Analysis (processing, ultramicrotomy, imaging & interpretation)
  • Equipment for routine Histological Analysis (paraffin processing & embedding, microtome sectioning, cryosectioning & histochemical staining)
  • Fee-for-service Histology Services (H&E, Masson’s, Picrosirius Red, Oil Red O, immunohistochemistry, atherosclerosis analysis)
  • Access to and support for Imaging Facilities (confocal microscopy, fluorescent and light microscopy)
  • Access to Laser Capture Microdissection Facilities


EM Researcher: Arkadiy Reunov, PhD
Email: areunov@ottawaheart.ca 
Telephone number: 613-696-7000 x15282
Internal extension: 8-15254

Histopathology Technologist: XiaoLing Zhao
Email: xzhao@ottawaheart.ca
Telephone number: 613-696-7000 x10451
Internal extension:  10451

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