Nursing Training

Nursing Training at the Ottawa Heart Institute

Nursing education at the Heart Institute mirrors the broad skills that encompass all aspects of cardiovascular medicine and patient care. Opportunities for education and professional development are provided to the nursing staff by a team of clinical nurse educators.

Clinical Experience for Student Nurses

The Heart Institute partners with the University of Ottawa and Algonquin College to provided clinical placements for student nurses enrolled in the Bachelor and Masters of Nursing programs. Senior clinical nursing staff precept student nurses allowing them to develop the skills necessary to develop their own clinical practice. Opportunities exist for student nurses to do their consolidation experience on the wards, step down units and critical care units of the Heart Institute.

Critical Care Education

Registered Nurses who wish to specialize in cardiac critical care, but who have no critical care experience, may be invited to participate in a 20-week Critical Care Program provided by the Heart Institute and the Ottawa Hospital. This program is taught by the critical care educators from the critical care units at the Institute and the Hospital, with the clinical portion of the program spent in the unit into which the participant was hired. Successful applicants of posted positions for the Coronary Care Unit (CCU) or the Cardiac Surgery Intensive Care units (CSICU) are eligible for this incredible educational opportunity.

Cardiovascular and Critical Care Certification

Registered Nurses at the Heart Institute are encouraged to attain their certification in either Cardiovascular or Critical Care Nursing. These certifications are provided by the Canadian Nurses Association and are part of a respected national certification program. The certification credential is an important indicator to patients, employers, the public and professional licensing bodies that the certified nurse is qualified, competent and current in their chosen specialty of nursing practice. Certified nurses have met rigorous requirements to achieve this expert credential. The Heart Institute provides both financial and educational resources to nurses wishing to write the credentialing exam. 

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