Unravelling the Mummy’s Tale

December 2008

Hetep-Bastet is not a typical Heart Institute patient. For one thing, she is approximately 2,500 years old. For another, she’s an Egyptian mummy! She visited the Institute in November for a CT scan as part of a collaborative research effort involving the Canadian Museum of Civilization, l’Université du Québec à Montréal, and the University of Western Ontario. The ongoing project uses non-invasive imaging to learn about life in ancient Egypt by studying the bodies and preservation methods of mummies.

The Heart Institute has an appropriate high-resolution CT scanner and couldn’t turn down such an interesting opportunity. Following her scan, the mummy returned to the Canadian Museum of Civilization to go on display in her restored coffin as part of “Tombs of Eternity: The Afterlife in Ancient Egypt.” The exhibition will run until August 2009. The University of Ottawa Heart Institute: now taking referrals from archaeologists.

2,500 years old mummy


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