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The golden future of cardiac tissue repair

Researchers at the University of Ottawa Heart Institute (UOHI) have discovered gold nanoparticles and synthesized peptides restore function, contractility, and electrical conductivity to damaged heart tissue – a scientific feat which may one day be applied to save human lives. The breakthrough

Why wear red this weekend?

Please consider sharing this article widely using the hashtag #HerHeartMatters. It’s an alarming truth: Globally, heart diseases affect one in three women, yet, in 2022, women are under studied, under diagnosed, under treated, and under aware when it comes to their heart health. This truth is

Recounting your top Beats of 2021

The holiday season has come and gone. So, while we’re still honouring our New Year, New Me mantra, lets revisit our most popular stories from last year. Health podcast helps listeners be “heart-wise” It’s March 2021: The Heart Institute’s Division of Cardiac Prevention and Rehabilitation releases

Experimental therapy reduces cardiac-damaging toxin produced by heart attacks

Scientists at the University of Ottawa Heart Institute (UOHI) have developed a promising new therapy that successfully targets methylglyoxal (MG), a molecule that “toxifies” the heart following a heart attack, according to a study published in Advanced Functional Materials. Under normal conditions

Canadians from coast to coast to coast JUMP IN™ for women’s heart health

Canadians took to their phones last month to share photos and videos of themselves completing physical activity challenges in support of women’s heart health. And in doing so, they raised more than just their heart rate. JUMP IN™ for Women’s Heart Health is a national fundraising and women’s heart

Enhancing care, improving outcomes, and optimizing essential resources

Data scientists at the University of Ottawa Heart Institute (UOHI) have developed and tested a clinical model to accurately predict the risk of death and unplanned cardiac hospitalization for patients awaiting heart surgery. Unplanned cardiac hospitalization refers to nonelective (urgent) admission

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