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Date Speaker Presentation
February 28 Dr. Andrew Mulloy, MD, FRCPC, PGY6
C2 Resident
Cardiology Rounds: Aerospace Medicine: Past, Present & Future
February 26 Dr. Mark Ware
UOHI Trainee Committee Invited Speaker
Director of Clinical Research
McGill University Health Centre
Research Rounds: Cannabis in Canada 2018. Research, Policy and Public Health
February 21 Dr. Peter Liu
Chief Scientific Officer and Vice President, Research
University of Ottawa Heart Institute
Cardiology Rounds: New treatment to address heart rate in heart failure
February 12
Dr. Clyde Yancy Servier Canada Endowed Lectureship in Heart Function
February 7 Benjamin Hibbert, MD, PhD Grand Rounds: Device based management of stroke prevention: an evidence based review of left atrial appendage and PFO closure
February 5

Dr. Lynn Megeney

Senior Scientist, Regenerative Medicine Program

Ottawa Hospital Research Institute

Research Rounds: Moderating caspase 3 activity is the key step in determining beneficial vs adverse cardiac hypertrophy
January 31 Jeffrey Marbach Academic Cardiology in the 21st Century: Cultivating the Next Generation of Physician Scientists
January 29 Dr. Han Kim
Scientist and Director, Functional Genetics and Metabolism Laboratory
University of Ottawa Heart Institute
Research Rounds: Food intake amount vs. pattern Investigating the role of intermittent fasting against obesity and associated metabolic dysfunction
(No presentation is available)
January 29 Dr. Calum Redpath
Clinician-Investigator and Staff Cardiologist
University of Otawa Heart Institute
Research Rounds: Sudden Death Post-MI Is there a care gap hiding in plain sight?
(No presentation is available)
January 24 Dr. Thais Coutinho
Division Head, Prevention and Rehabilitation University of Ottawa Heart Institute
Peripheral Arterial Disease - What All of Us Need to Know
January 22 Dr. Thomas Lagace
Scientist and Director, Lipoprotein Receptor Biology Laboratory
University of Ottawa Heart Institute
Research Rounds: Targeting PCSK9 for advanced LDL-cholesterol lowering
January 17 David Harnett Low Risk Chest Pain: Bridging the Gap Between the Emergency Room and Home
January 15 Dr. Katey Rayner
Scientist and Director, Cardiometabolic microRNA Laboratory
University of Ottawa Heart Institute
Research Rounds: RIP kinases: New players in metainflammation in atherosclerosis and obesity
January 15 Dr. Wenbin Liang
Scientist and Director, Cardiovascular Electrophysiology Laboratory
University of Ottawa Heart Institute
Research Rounds: Understanding the ion channel dysfunction in heart disease
January 10 Etienne Couture, MD, FRCPC The Elephant in the Cath Lab: The ORBITA Trial Put Into Context
January 8 Ruth McPherson, MD PhD
Merck Frosst Canada Chair in Atherosclerosis Research
Director, Ruddy Canadian Cardiovascular Genetics Centre
Director, Atherogenomics Laboratory and Lipid Clinic
University of Ottawa Heart Institute
Research Rounds: Genetics & Genomics of CAD Making Use of Big Data

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