Getting Involved


Today’s Research Is Tomorrow’s Treatment

Research is an important part of all activities of the Heart Institute. As a patient, you have the opportunity to contribute to improving the quality of care by participating in clinical research studies.

Why the Heart Institute Conducts Clinical Research

The medical community has a responsibility not only to provide the best available care but also to develop new and better methods of care. Advances come from new ideas or approaches, which may originate with a scientist in a laboratory or a caregiver at the bedside. However, before new therapies may be offered widely, they must first be tested to ensure they are effective and safe.

Clinical research has lead to life-saving treatments such as insulin, coronary angiograms (heart catheterizations), angioplasty and cardiac stents, bypass and valve surgery, renal dialysis and organ transplantation.

Please consider volunteering for a research study today!

How Clinical Research Is Monitored at the Heart Institute

All research done at the Heart Institute involving human participants must be approved by a group of independent experts, known as the Research Ethics Board (REB). The REB ensures that each research study follows strict regulations designed to protect participants. Once a research study is approved by the REB, health records may be reviewed by researchers to identify research participants.


We strive to involve patients, family members, caregivers and the community in discussions that influence the course of clinical research. Patient engagement provides an opportunity for meaningful input into the priority setting and conduct of research, from those with firsthand experience!

For more information on our research studies or patient partners, please visit the Heart Institute website.