You may be asked to turn off your cellular phones if you are in an area where it can interfere with the proper functioning of medical equipment. You are allowed open use of your cellular phone in the following areas: lobbies, waiting areas and private offices.


Fire drills are held on a regular basis to ensure that staff members are well prepared for real-life emergency situations. If you hear a fire alarm, we ask that you calmly return to your room. Your nurse may close your door and you will be given instructions at that time. In the case of a fire, you and your family/visitors cannot use the elevators.


You can help prevent infection by washing your hands often. If your hands are visibly dirty, wash your hands with soap and water for 40 to 60 seconds. Otherwise, use hand sanitizer for 20 to 30 seconds to properly clean your hands. When cleaning your hands, make sure that you cover all surfaces of your hands, including your palms, between your fingers and the backs of your hands, fingers, and thumbs. When using hand sanitizer, keep in mind that your hands are not safe until they are dry.

You should make sure to wash your hands after you use the washroom, before eating or taking medication, and before you enter or exit your room. Ask your visitors to do the same!


We promote frequent hand washing and the use of gloves to prevent the spread of infection. If you were admitted to a hospital or other health care facility in the last six months, you will be tested for infections that are common in hospitals. We also test any patient who shared a room with a patient who has had a disease that is easily spread to others. We do the test by taking a culture swab from your nose, rectum and any open areas on your skin. Your caregiver will give you information sheets and provide more detailed information if you need this testing.


If you have any concerns about your safety or about the safety of the facility, please alert a staff member, the unit manager or call Patient Relations at 613-696-7000 ext. 19305.


Patients, family members, visitors, and employees are not allowed to smoke tobacco or e-cigarettes inside the hospital or on hospital grounds. If you or your family/visitors want to smoke or vape, you must do so off of hospital property. Individuals found smoking within nine meters of the hospital may be fined by the City of Ottawa. Please respect our smoke- and vape-free environment. We encourage you to tell your family/visitors about this policy.


The University of Ottawa Heart Institute will not tolerate violent or abusive behaviour towards anyone on hospital property. Please help us keep the Heart Institute safe for our patients, visitors, staff, and physicians.