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High school student’s study promising for yogis

Ashok Pandey, an 11th grade student at Waterloo Collegiate Institute is the youngest investigator to present at this year’s Canadian Cardiovascular Congress, the largest gathering of cardiovascular and allied healthcare professionals in the country. On the first day of presentations, Pandey stepped

Marijuana and your heart

Legalized marijuana is now a reality in Canada. This opening up of legal access will have a variety of health implications. In addition, marijuana is increasingly prescribed for much of what ails us, from the pain and inflammation of osteoarthritis to a host of other conditions, many of which affect

Coutinho: The future (of women's heart health) is now

A White Paper published in the American Heart Association’s Journal, Circulation, is proposing a number of novel strategies for the improved future of heart health centres serving women. Dr. Thais Coutinho, Chief of the Division of Cardiac Prevention and Rehabilitation at the University of Ottawa

A heart-healthy take on a Fall flavour classic

There is a long list of pumpkin spice inspired products available to consumers this time of year. There are pumpkin spiced beers, cereals and yes, even dog treats. The pumpkin spice mix is essentially a blend of ground cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and allspice, but it has been known to include other

Raising the bar: The future of medical education in Canada

It takes years and years of training to become a doctor, nurse or any other healthcare practitioner. It takes years and years more to master the skills demanded of those occupations. The truth about a career in medicine is no matter the specialty, learning continues long after the graduation caps

Frailty may be more deadly in younger heart patients, study finds

Traditionally, frailty is thought to be a syndrome of the elderly – one which comes as a natural and inevitable side-effect of aging, gradually transforming strong, healthy bodies into weaker, more delicate frames over time. For clinicians, frailty is a concept which has long posed formidable

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