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Making the Diagnosis: Why Cardiac Sarcoidosis Should Be on Cardiologists’ Radar

It was Anne McAllister, a 56-year-old lawyer living in Ottawa who first sparked Dr. David Birnie’s interest in a rare but potentially deadly heart condition just over a decade ago. McAllister was experiencing frequent spells of arrhythmia. Her heart rate changed from rapid to slow without any

Living on a Salt-Restricted Diet

But living on a salt-restricted diet can be a challenge. “It’s really hard to know how much sodium is in food because you don’t see it,” explained Kathleen Turner, a registered dietitian with the Division of Cardiac Prevention and Rehabilitation at the Ottawa Heart Institute. “It just disappears

Charting a Course for Women’s Heart Health in Canada

In 2016, the first Canadian Women’s Heart Health Summit marked the only national gathering focused on women’s heart health in over 15 years. Now, as planning for the 2018 Summit moves into full swing, the organizers have published a summary of the results from the 2016 event in the Canadian Journal

Many People at Risk of Heart Attack See No Need to Improve Their Health

Broadly speaking, Canadians at risk for a heart attack know they need to improve their physical health. But not all do. In a recent study of residents of six Canadian provinces, almost one in five people with the highest cardiac risk did not think they needed to make any lifestyle changes to improve

Dr. Thais Coutinho: On Preventing Heart Disease and Helping Patients Recover

The Division of Prevention and Rehabilitation at the Ottawa Heart Institute is home to a variety of evidence-based wellness programs, inpatient and outpatient cardiac rehabilitation, the widely adopted Ottawa Model for Smoking Cessation and an active research program. On May 1, 2017, Thais Coutinho

How Air Pollution Can Impact Your Heart Health

Whether you live in a large urban centre with frequent smog advisories or in a more rural setting, the air you breathe can pose significant risks for developing cardiovascular distress and disease. While children, the elderly and those with diabetes, lung disease or existing heart conditions are

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