Robert Reid, PhD
October 2013

CCC 2013: Prevention in Family Members

In a randomized clinical trial, a Heart Institute group led by Bob Reid, PhD evaluated a program designed to impact the heart health of family members of patients with heart disease. “Family members of patients are in a teachable moment that gives us the opportunity to prevent them from becoming the patients of tomorrow,” said Dr. Reid, Deputy Chief of the Division of Prevention and Rehabilitation.

Darryl Davis, MD
October 2013

CCC 2013: Harnessing and Improving the Heart’s Repair System

The promise and challenges of cardiac regenerative medicine—facilitating the growth of new tissue to repair damage to the heart following a heart attack—received wide attention at CCC/Vascular 2013. The labs of University of Ottawa Heart Institute researchers Darryl Davis, MD and Erik Suuronen, PhD, were responsible for more than 20 presentations highlighting their continued progress in this area.