Our five most popular stories of 2018

December 3, 2018
Snow covered fir branches

Our top 5 stories of 2018 covered a variety of important heath topics: innovative techniques and technology, continuing medical education in Canada, tips for better managing stress, and, yes, recreational pot, too.


(Fluoro)Less is More When it Comes to Cardiac Ablation

Electrophysiology laboratory at the University of Ottawa Heart Institute
The University of Ottawa Heart Institute became the first institution in Canada to systematically perform fluoroless ablation in patients with complex atrial arrhythmias.

Esther's List: Top 10 Tips for Managing Stress

A man meditating in his bedroom
Esther Doucette's pointers touch on just about everything – from exercising regularly, to nixing bad habits, to being self-aware and steering clear of unnecessary triggers. A few small changes can make a big difference.

The Leadless Pacemaker: Is Wireless Pacing the New Era of Cardiac Care?

No bigger than a large vitamin capsule or an American nickel, new leadless transcatheter pacing systems are almost twenty times smaller than traditional models.
Though still relatively new in Canada, leadless pacing system technology is emerging as an alternative to conventional pacemakers.

Raising the Bar: The Future of Medical Education in Canada

A laboratory technician manipulating a test tube
Dr. Michael Froeschl understands the importance of continuing medical education. Earlier this year his enthusiasm, passion, and proficiency with regard to advancing CME initiatives in Canada earned him national praise.

Marijuana and Your Heart

Marijuana plant leaves
Legalized marijuana is now a reality in Canada. Two of the country's top docs with regard to smoking cessation weigh in on the health implications associated with recreational pot — and what we still don't know.