Top 10 Stories of 2016 from The Beat

January 3, 2017

1. Heart Health Infographics

An easy way to keep your heart health top of mind anytime


Dr. Marino Labinaz holding a TAVI catheter and valve
2. What’s Next for TAVI?

Catheter-based aortic valve replacement looks to become an option for more patients if competition and demand bring down the cost of valves


10 TIPS FOR EMOTIONAL HEALTH: Paying attention to your emotional health can help you manage stress and emotions. Practice Deep Breathing: Deep breathing relaxes your body and lowers your blood pressure and heart rate. Name Your Emotions: Naming your emotions helps you be more aware and decide how you will react. Try Not to Judge Your Emotions: Judging our emotions can make them seem worse. Know Your Emotional Triggers: Knowing what makes you angry, sad or anxious will help you be better prepared. Be More Mi
3. 10 Tips for Emotional Health

Our emotional health can both contribute to heart disease and be impacted by it. These tips can help.


Two emergency workers tend to a victim of cardiac arrest
4. Cardiac Arrest: Caring for the Brain as Well as the Heart

Unique regional program uses cooling to improve patient outcomes


Prescribing Physical Activity: A Call to Action
5. Prescribing Physical Activity: A Call to Action

Making a powerful tool for health and wellness central to patient care


6. A Lifetime of Finding the Right Rhythm

Tracing the development of cardiac electrophysiology through a career at the forefront


7. What We Know about Women and Heart Disease

Part one of our Canadian Women’s Heart Health Summit coverage looks at the many ways women experience heart disease differently


8. 40th Anniversary Flashback: Princess Diana’s Visit

The royal visit by the Princess of Wales marked a special day in the history of the Heart Institute


Heart Transplants Operating Room
9. 40th Anniversary Flashback: The First Heart Transplant in Ottawa

The Heart Institute has performed more than 600 transplants, in some years more than any other centre in Canada


Collage of pictures from the conference
10. Ottawa Heart Research Conference Takes on Atrial Fibrillation

International meeting surveys the state of afib care, recent developments and future directions