Congratulations on your decision to participate in our program! The following pages will help you establish a regular exercise program.

This program can help you:

  • assume responsibility for your own care and get back to your daily routine as soon as possible.
  • increase your physical fitness and endurance.
  • change the behaviours that put you at risk for heart disease.
  • slow down the progression of your cardiovascular disease and, in some cases, reverse the buildup of blockages already present in your arteries.
  • reduce your risk for heart attacks, strokes, and the need for heart surgery or procedures.
  • help to reduce symptoms, including angina and shortness of breath if you are still experiencing these.
  • add years to your life and life to your years.

Read the guide using the lefthand menu or by downloading the file below.

Cardiac Rehabilitation: Physical Activity Guide (pdf)

Cardiac Rehabilitation: Staying on track

Download Cardiac Rehabilitation: Staying on trackDownload Cardiac Rehabilitation: Staying on track

Cardiac Rehabilitation: Staying on track (PDF)

More Information

Visit Cardiac Rehabilitation, Living Well with Heart Disease and the Prevention & Wellness Centre for information on improving your heart health.

You are the most important member of the cardiac rehabilitation team! Your commitment to the program is critical.

You have the power within yourself to achieve your lifestyle management and risk reduction goals.

You can change the course of your life forever.