High Resolution Cell Imaging Core Facility

The High Resolution Cell Imaging Core (HRCIC) Facility provides regional researchers with access to equipment and expertise in flow cytometry, high resolution imaging, histology, and analysis that enable high quality data interpretation to support grant applications and publications.

The HRCIC is comprised of three specialties: flow cytometry, high resolution imaging and histopathology. Each sector is equipped with highly specialized, state-of-the-art technology and dedicated technologist.

Our facility allows the researchers to choose between a subscription fee (annual fee intended for frequent users) or a fee-for-service structure (intended for occasional users/specialty projects). Other microscopy services (confocal, laser-capture, etc.) are available to all UOHI and regional investigators.

Features and Services

  • Access to and expert support for state-of-the-art analytical Flow Cytometer and Cell Sorter (BD FACS Aria IIIU).
  • Access to and training for high-sensitivity, superresolution Confocal Microscope with Airyscan (Zeiss Elyra S.1 LSM 880).
  • Equipment for routine histological analysis (paraffin processing and embedding, microtome sectioning, cryosectioning and histochemical staining).
  • Fee-for-service histology services (H&E, Masson’s, Picrosirius Red, Oil Red O, immunohistochemistry, atherosclerosis analysis).
  • Access to and support for imaging facilities (confocal microscopy, fluorescent and light microscopy).
  • Access to laser capture microdissection facilities.

Contact Us

Core Director:

Dr. Mireille Ouimet
Email: mirouimet@ottawaheart.ca

For technological support and system training:

Histopathology Technologist:
XiaoLing Zhao
E-mail: @email
Telephone: 613-696-7000 x 10451

FACS Technologist:
Mr. Bin Ye
E-mail: @email
Telephone: 613-696-7000 x 16725

For booking, billing and further information on UOHI core facilities:

Vivian Franklin
Senior Officer, Laboratory Research Resources
613-696-7000 x14468