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University of Ottawa Heart Institute
40 Ruskin Street
Ottawa, Ontario K1Y 4W7

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Telephone: 613-696-7000

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Patient Relations
Phone: 613-696-7000 x19305
Fax: 613-696-7146

Health Records
Release of Information
Phone: 613-798-5555 x18720
Fax: 613-761-4462

Patient Support
For information on our Patient Alumni, Heart Institute Auxiliary and other patient support groups

Media Relations 

Leigh B. Morris
Communications Officer
Phone: 613-696-7000 x19051
Cell: 613-316-6409

Clinical Departments 

Phone: 613-696-7381
Fax: 613-696-7099

Biomedical Engineering
Phone: 613-696-7000 x16773

Cardiac Imaging
Phone: 613-696-7066

Phone: 613-696-7334
Fax: 613-696-7247

Clinical Services
Phone: 613-696-7234
Fax: 613-696-7146

Prevention and Rehabilitation
Phone: 613-696-7068
Fax: 613-696-7106

Prevention and Wellness Centre
Phone: 613-696-7071 or 1-866-399-4432

Phone: 613-696-7288

Other Contacts

Phone: 613-696-7030
Fax: 613-696-7174

Human Resources
613-696-7000 x14721

Research Services
Phone: 613-696-7000 x19939
Fax: 613-696-7180