Participant testimonials

Participant Comments about the Healing Hearts Together Program

The ongoing health situation is stressful enough. Now we have alleviated a lot of the extra stress that stems from communication issues...I feel as if we have broken through an impasse because we have finally asked and answered tough unspoken questions.

In HHT, there was an understanding of the common problems we all have in relationships. It is not just us! I appreciated the validation of our situation due to cardiac health issues. 

People were so open. I was awestruck and humbled that people could and would share. Whenever a story was recognizable, the monster lost another tooth.
After HHT, we understand where the other person is coming from much better. We recognize each other’s hot buttons better…We spend more time listening and understanding issues from both perspectives.

HHT gave us a terrific framework and set of guidelines, that have not only made it much easier to recognize when things begin to go astray but how to halt and turn around the situation before anything grows larger.

The program was a ‘lifesaving’ antidote for our marriage. Our relationship was rocky and got worse after my husband’s heart attack. Reading the book and doing the assignments helped us have a better understanding of each other.

A letter from a patient’s partner

It is always stressful to deal with major surgery. For the spouse it is mostly a “stick-close and hold-your partners-hand” while your partner is hospitalized and cared for by the health professionals. And it is truly draining and daunting when the partner arrives home from the hospital and both of you are going from inactivity to full time care and recovery on your own.

The heart valve replacement has been our 4th major health crisis, all prolonged and all difficult. BUT this if the first time any help has been offered as part of the aftercare for the ‘couple’. We have been aware over the last eight weeks of the Healing Hearts Together program that through the myriad of insights, a helpful structure, guidelines offered, video clips, group stories, and partner discussions that change was taking place. Stress was disappearing and a new understanding and working partnership was taking its place.

We truly hope that you and your colleagues are able to enrol all your heart patients and their partners in this program as part of the necessary aftercare to a healthy heart, on both sides.