2024 Videos

June 5, 2024Rene Boudreau, MDCardiology Rounds
AMI Cardiogenic Shock: An Old DanGer with A New Treatment
May 29, 2024Dr. Scott Millington
The Ottawa Hospital
Cardiology Rounds
The Ottawa Hospital Virtual Critical Care Program: Please steal our idea!
May 27, 2024Kyla Lara-Breitinger, MD, MS
Assistant Professor of Medicine
Co-Director, Cardiometabolic Clinic
Division of Preventive Cardiology and Ultrasound
Department of Cardiovascular Medicine 
Mayo Clinic
Weekly Research Conference
Controversies in Nutrition and Cardiovascular Disease
May 22, 2024Pietro Di Santo, MD
Interventional cardiologist
University of Ottawa Heart Institute
Cardiology Rounds
Trainee involvement in clinical research: Lessons learned from the RAPTOR study
May 15, 2024Dr. Retesh Bajaj MBBS BSc MRCP (Lond.) FHEA
Interventional Cardiology Fellow | Ottawa Heart Institute, Ontario, Canada
Interventional Cardiology SpR | Bart's Heart Centre, London
Doctoral Research Fellow | Queen Mary, University of London
Digital Education Fellow | British Cardiovascular Society
Cardiology Rounds
Invasive and non-invasive characterization of coronary atherosclerotic plaque
May 14, 2024James F. Martin, MD, PhD
Vice Chairman/Professor
Molecular Physiology and Biophysics
Baylor College of Medicine
Houston, TX US
Keynote Address: Ottawa Cardiovascular Research Day 2024
Hippo Signalling in Heart Regeneration
May 8, 2024
  • RELIEVE-HF Trials
    Arjun N. Sharma, MD
    Cardiology Resident, UOHI
  • REDUC-AMI Trails
    Shihab Sarwar, MD
    Cardiology Resident, UOHI
  • EMPACT-MI Trail
    Kayleigh Maxwell, MD
    Cardiology Resident, UOHI
Cardiology Rounds
Updates from ACC 2024
April 22, 2024Hassan Mir, MD, MHI, MPH, FRCPC
Program Chair, Ottawa Model for Smoking Cessation;
Co-Chair, Virtual Care Heart Team;
Director, Hypertension Program;
University of Ottawa Heart Institute
Weekly Research Conference
Breaking Free: Innovations in Smoking and Vaping Cessation Research
April 17, 2024Derek So, MD, FRCPC, FACC, MSc
Staff Cardiologist, Clinical Investigator and Associate Professor
University of Ottawa Heart Institute
Cardiology Rounds
Update from the The 2023 CCS/CAIC Focus Update of the Guidelines for the use of Antiplatelet Therapy
April 15, 2024Javed Butler, MD, MPH, MBA
Sr. VP and Maxwell A. and Gayle H. Clampitt Endowed Chair
Baylor Scott and White Health, Dallas, TX
Distinguished Professor of Medicine 
University of Mississippi
Weekly Research Conference - Servier Endowed Lectureship in Heart Failure Where Are We With Heart Failure?
April 10, 2024Anas Alzahrani, MBBS, FRCPC
Adult Cardiac Electrophysiology Fellow
University of Ottawa Heart Institute
Cardiology Rounds
2023 CCS Guidelines of Management of Patients with Long QT Syndrome
April 3, 2024John Eikelboom, MBBS, MSc FRCPC
Professor of Medicine
Faculty of Health Sciences
McMaster University
Grand Rounds
Oral Anticoagulation in 2024: Lessons from the randomized trials - Grand Rounds
February 28, 2024

Lisa Bromly MD, CCPF(AM), FCFP
Focused Practice in Addiction Medicine
Medical Director, TOH Substance Use Program

Tali Magboo Cahill, RN MSN
Advanced Practice Nurse/Program Manager
Substance Use Program

Cardiology Rounds
The Ottawa Hospital Substance Use Program: Supporting Cardiac Patients Who Use Substances
February 21, 2024Stephanie L. Sellers MSc, PhD
Assistant Professor, University of British Columbia, Division of Cardiology
Director, Cardiovascular Translational Laboratory, St. Paul’s Hospital
Cardiology Rounds
Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement: A Translational Science Perspective
February 14, 2024Bethlehem Mengesha, MD
Adult Cardiac Imaging Fellow
University of Ottawa Heart Institute
Cardiology Rounds
Imaging LVH phenotypes: In the thick of it
February 12, 2024Erik Suuronen, PhD
BEaTS Research Program
Division of Cardiac Surgery
University of Ottawa Heart Institute
Weekly Research Conference
Dealing With Methylglyoxal After Myocardial Infarction
January 31, 2024Michael T. Osborne, MD
Assistant Professor in Medicine, Harvard Medical School
Assistant Physician and Associate Director of Nuclear Cardiology: Education, Massachusetts General Hospital
Cardiology Rounds
Getting Under the Skin: A Neurobiological Mechanism Linking Chronic Stress to Cardiometabolic Disease
January 29, 2024Gerhard Hindricks, MD, PhD
Professor of Cardiology
Charite University Hospital
Berlin, Germany
Weekly Research Conference - Margaret and Theodore Marr Family Endowed Lectureship in Electrophysiology
Sudden Cardiac Death: Pathophysiology, prediction and prevention
January 24, 2024Dr. Graeme Prosperi-Porta
PGY-6 Adult Cardiology
University of Ottawa Heart Institute
Cardiology Rounds
The left atrial appendage: preventing an unwanted heart brain connection
January 22, 2024Kenneth E. Freedland, PhD
Professor of Psychiatry and Psychology
Washington University School of Medicine
St. Louis, Missouri USA
Weekly Research Conference
Psychiatric Comorbidities and Social Determinants of Health in Heart Failure
January 17, 2024Dr. Rudy R. Unni, MD FRCPC (Internal Medicine)
PGY-6 Adult Cardiology
University of Ottawa Heart Institute
Cardiology Rounds
Pigs, Primates, and Progress - Is Xenotransplantation the Future of Transplant Cardiology?