Virtual Care Program

This free program uses an online heart health management platform to help you improve and control your risk factors for heart disease. The platform allows you to track and monitor risk factors such as exercise, food, weight, sleep and much more.

The Virtual Care Program will:

  • Give you access to reliable and trusted information;
  • Provide online care in real time through health coaching and remote monitoring;
  • Help you manage your heart health behaviours;
  • Improve management of your risk factors

How the Program Works

Once you are registered in the program, you will complete a series of questions on your health. You will then receive a notification on whether you qualify for our health coaching service. Should you qualify, an assigned health coach will contact you within one to two business days to introduce themselves and greet you.  

With your health coach, you will decide on appointment dates for your coaching sessions. You will continue to have ongoing communication with your coach for a total of six months. The health coach will help you set up trackers, reminders, goals and provide specific risk factor education along with encouragement. 

For more information and to register, visit the Virtual Care Program at the Prevention & Wellness Centre.