Biobank Facility

Advancements in molecular biology and genetics are driving the demand for properly prepared and clinically annotated human biological specimens that yield valuable insights into the mechanisms and pathways of human disease. The UOHI biobank, created in 2013, is integral to the Ottawa Region for Advanced Cardiovascular Research Excellence (ORACLE) Strategic Plan.


Our mandate is to support a diverse range of research in the fields of prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cardiovascular disease, while protecting the rights and interests of patients and research participants.


  • Serving as a biorepository to collect, process, securely store and preserve human blood and tissue samples.
  • Providing authorized access to archived blood and tissue samples, their derivatives and related clinical data.
  • Maintaining appropriate oversight by Scientific Advisory and Senior Management Committees for progress oversight and for approval of Governance Policy and Standard Operating Procedures; by Biobank Committee, with representation from key clinical and research areas, for review and approval of requests for sample/data collection and access; by Ottawa Health Science Network Research Ethics Board (OHSN-REB), or equivalent, for review and approval of related protocols and consents.
  • Complying with provincial, federal and international laws, codes, regulations and agency/institutional requirements.
  • Aligning and maintaining certification with the Biobank Resource Center (in partnership with the Canadian Tumor Repository Network).


  • Cryopreservation with state of the art consumables and facilities with freezers and vapour phase liquid nitrogen. 
  • Secure management of sample inventory and clinical annotations using TDBioBank software.

Archived Samples and Data

  • Target populations-based UOHI priorities include:
    • congestive heart failure
    • atrial fibrillation post or pre-ablation
    • hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
    • myxomatous mitral valve disease
    • cardiac and extra cardiac sarcoidosis
    • CTA confirmed coronary artery disease and controls
    • cardiac transplant
  • Blood samples are processed and cryopreserved as plasma, serum, buffy coat and buffy coat with RNA isolation reagent.
  • Flash frozen tissue samples include atrial cannulation plug, left ventricular septal myocardium, right ventricular endocardial biopsy and valvular tissue.
  • Demographic and clinical data annotate the samples.



A cost recovery model is necessary for sustainability. Academic researchers may benefit from subsidized pricing for our services. Pricing information available upon request.

The Biobank Material Access Request Form is available for researchers to initiate a request for access to samples or data.


For additional information on the UOHI biobank, including pricing, banking or accessing samples and data, please contact:

Elizabeth Coletta, Manager of Operations 
613-696-7000 ext. 19506

Policies and Standard Operating Procedures

Available on-campus, with UOHI employee login credentials.

Review the UOHI Biobank Policies and SOPs.