PADIT Calculator

Prevention of Arrhythmia Device Infection Trial Calculator

Predict risk of implantable electronic device infection using a novel infection risk score (PADIT).

Science has led to the development of the PADIT risk infection calculator, the first-ever tool of its kind to help physicians and patients make better, more-informed decisions about cardiovascular implantable electronic device (CIED) therapy. Researchers say they have determined five independent predictors of device infection: Prior procedure, Age, Depressed renal function, Immunocompromised, and Type of procedure.

How it works

The PADIT Calculator assigns weighted points to patients based on the ‘tell-tale’ characteristics of their procedure and elements of their personal medical history. It then determines one’s level of risk based on the total number of accumulated points (one can amount as many as 14 total points).

  • Scoring fewer than four (4) points: A patient is deemed at lowest risk for infection.
  • Scoring between five (5) and six (6) points: A patient is deemed at moderate or intermediate risk.
  • Scoring seven (7) or above: A patient is deemed at a high-risk of developing a serious infection.