Our Researchers

At the University of Ottawa Heart Institute, we have more than 65 active scientists and clinician investigators and 170 research staff, students and research fellows. All scientists and clinician investigators have individual profiles (see below) and most also lead Research Teams.

Scientists & Clinician Investigators

Our staff scientists have PhDs, MDs or both and devote at least 50 per cent of their time to research. They have academic appointments at the University of Ottawa and many are active clinicians at the Heart Institute. As principal investigators, they lead Research Teams of graduate students, research fellows, technicians and coordinators. They generally hold major peer-reviewed research grants and publish their work in peer-reviewed journals.

Clinician investigators are active physicians who devote between 5 and 40 per cent of their time to clinical research. They typically hold an MD and, often, a PhD. Most have academic appointments at the University of Ottawa, are holders of peer-reviewed grants and publish their work.

Allied Health Investigators

These are nurses and other healthcare professionals who dedicate a portion of their time to research activities.

Affiliated Researchers

These Ottawa-region cardiovascular disease researchers collaborate extensively with Heart Institute researchers and are involved in collaborative research activities such as Innovation Clusters.