Pericardial Care Clinic

At the University of Ottawa Heart Institute (UOHI), we recognize the unique challenges faced by individuals diagnosed with pericardial conditions, such as pericarditis, pericardial effusion, and constrictive pericarditis. Our Pericardial Care Clinic is a specialized outpatient facility designed to address the specific needs of patients grappling with advanced pericardial diseases and their dedicated caregivers.

What to expect

When your referring physician directs you to the Pericardial Care Clinic at the UOHI, you can expect personalized and compassionate care tailored to your unique needs. Here's what you can anticipate during your experience with our specialized clinic.

1.    Appointment scheduling:

After receiving your referral, a dedicated specialist from the Pericardial Care Clinic reviews your medical information. Subsequently, our clinic staff will contact you to schedule an appointment, ensuring a prompt and convenient clinic visit.

Comprehensive medical assessment:

During your clinic appointment, you will meet with a skilled cardiologist specializing in pericardial diseases. They will delve into your medical history, discuss your current medications, and conduct a thorough examination. This personalized approach allows us to better understand your condition and tailor our care to your specific needs.

2.    Diagnostic blood tests:

If necessary, the doctor may order blood tests during your visit. These tests can conveniently be conducted at the UOHI on the same day as your appointment, streamlining the diagnostic process. The doctor can schedule any additional tests that may be required before you leave the clinic.

3.    Cardiac imaging:

If necessary, the doctor may order imaging tests during your visit. These tests can be conducted at the UOHI, which houses a world-class cardiac imaging facility.

4.    Tailored treatment and testing:

The Pericardial Care Clinic provides personalized testing and treatment options to meet your unique requirements. Our goal is to optimize your quality of life and prevent hospital admissions through a customized care plan.

5.    Comprehensive support services:

Our clinic staff is here to support you in various aspects, including:
•    Assistance with managing medications
•    Symptom management strategies
•    Self-care guidance
•    Ongoing education about the disease process

6.    Follow-up care:

Your journey with us doesn't end after your initial visit. We are committed to providing ongoing support through follow-up visits and telephone monitoring, ensuring continuity of care and addressing any evolving needs.

At the University of Ottawa Heart Institute's Pericardial Care Clinic, we optimize your quality of life through personalized, patient-centric care. Our team is here to guide you through every step of your pericardial care journey.


Patients of the Pericardial Clinic may be approached to participate in pertinent studies. Participation in research studies is completely voluntary and will not affect your medical care.

Patient instructions

Ensure your contact information is current. If your address or phone number changes, please let the clinic know.

Please bring an up-to-date list of your current medications to your clinic appointment.

Review your medications at home to see if you need refills before you come to your clinic appointments. You can get refill requests from your pharmacist for the medications you need refilled.

Patient resources

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Clinic details

Contact information

Telephone: 613-696-7000 x 67084

Hours of operation

8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Clinic visits

8 a.m. to 4 p.m.