FlowQuant - Flow Quantification Software

FlowQuant is a clinical and research tool for quantifying myocardial blood flow (MBF) from nuclear medical images.

The software is being developed at the University of Ottawa Heart Institute, Cardiac PET Centre under the supervision of Robert A. deKemp, PhD, PEng, PPhys as part of his research into cardiac function quantification using positron emission tomography (PET).

FlowQuant is now available for sale and distrubtion as a user friendly and flexible tool for routine clinical workload as well as for research.

Main Features

Menu designed for batch processing that can be saved and reloaded with all options maintained so that reprocessing with the same settings is possible.

  • Complete automation with user interaction available
  • Option hierarchy that enables quick changes to all studies as well as flexibility in customizing each study
  • All processing step reports saved to image files
  • Spooling options included
  • Support of major image types including:
    • DICOM
    • Siemens(*.v) files
    • Interfile
    • Siemens Inveon(*img) files
  • Optional DICOM Convert Server for background conversion to Matlab(*mat) files
  • Support of many kinetic models

Terms of Licensing and Purchase

FlowQuant is not free to use. It may be purchased at a fee from the University of Ottawa Heart Institute, Cardiac PET Centre.

The purchase price includes:

  • a permanent system-specific license; floating site licenses not available at this time, but discounts for multiple copies purchased at a site will be considered
  • maintenance (bug fixes) and version upgrades for the first year
  • remote (web-based) training up to a maximum of 1 hour
  • technical support up to a maximum of 1 hour

Additional years of maintenance and upgrades can be purchased at $500/year. This includes a maximum of 1/2 hour refresher training and 1/2 hour of technical support. 

Training and technical support beyond the allotted hours can be provided at a cost of $150/hour.

Pricing discounts are considered for research collaborations.

For detailed pricing inquiries please contact: @email.

Short-term licenses may be provided for testing of the software prior to purchase. To pursue this option download and install FlowQuant as per the instructions given on the Download page, and send the generated license.txt file to @email.

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