Core Facilities and Infrastructure

Centralized core facilities and shared equipment and infrastructure are an essential pillar for a successful research enterprise.

At the University of Ottawa Heart Institute (UOHI), we offer a wide range of facilities that provide researchers with access to sophisticated and fundamental instruments and technologies. These facilities represent a cost savings while furthering groundbreaking discoveries and advancing interdisciplinary collaboration.

Listed below are our core facilities and shared infrastructure and services.

Core Facilities

Operating on a fee-for-service basis, our core facilities serve researchers at the Heart Institute and in the Ottawa region, and external clients including biotechnology companies and federal agencies. Our core facilities and infrastructure are listed below, along with contact details and links to websites with more information.

Biobank Facility
Our Biobank, with oversight from OHSN-REB and the UOHI Biobank committee, collects and stores de-identified samples and related health information from UOHI patients and healthy controls.  Samples and data are released to authorized researchers for genetic and other biomarker discovery to improve diagnosis, inform risk reduction strategies and develop new therapies.

Cardiac Imaging Research Core Facility
The Cardiac Imaging Research Core Lab (CIRCL) provides multi-modality image analysis and interpretation of clinical PET, SPECT, MRI, CT and ECHO, as well as expertise and tools for clinical data anonymization, transmission, storage and analysis.

Omics and Biomedical Analysis Core Facility
The Genetics Centre provides high-end statistical and analytical support for genetic, genomic and proteomic analysis of data generated internally or from external providers.

High Resolution Cell Imaging Core Facility
This facility provides tools for ultra-structural and high resolution molecular imaging, flow cytometry and cell sorting capabilities, and histology and pathology services for both animal model and clinical research.  Equipment within this core includes the ultra-high resolution Zeiss Elyra S.1 LSM880 Confocal Microscope and the BD FACSAria IIIU Cell Sorter/ Cytometer, amongst others. 

In-vivo Surgery Core Facility
The In-vivo Surgery Core performs ACC approved surgical procedures as requested, including consultation, echocardiography, medication dosing and specimen removal. 

PET Research Radiochemistry Core Facility
The PET Research Radiochemistry Lab offers production/service providing quality PET radiopharmaceuticals for research projects in radiochemistry, targetry, animal models and human imaging.

Pre-Clinical Imaging Core Facility
The Pre-Clinical Imaging Core provides access to small- and large-animal multi-modality scanners: MRI, PET, ECHO and SPECT-CT.

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Available Infrastructure and Services

Biomarker Discovery and Validation Facility
The Biomarker facility offers a number of high quality immunoassay as well as the state-of-the-art SOMAScan proteomic services to basic, translational and clinical investigators.

Cardiovascular Research Methods Centre
The Cardiovascular Research Methods Centre focuses on the design and analysis of clinical trials.

Common Equipment Core Laboratory
The Common Equipment Core Laboratory offers researchers use of tools and systems that are considered staples of biological research: autoclave, centrifuges, shaking incubator, biosafety cabinets, etc. A full list of this equipment can be accessed through the Heart Hub (from campus only).

Flow Cytometry Facilities
UOHI offers researchers the use of a BD FACSAria IIIu cell sorter/cytometer through the High Resolution Cell Imaging Core Facility (above).

FlowQuant – Flow Quantification Software
FlowQuant is a clinical and research tool for quantifying myocardial blood flow (MBF) from nuclear medical images.

Research Services
The Office of Research Services provides pre-award, post-award and clinical study support to all researchers at UOHI and acts as a liaison with our core facilities and shared infrastructure and services.

Acknowledging Our Cores Facilities and Shared Infrastructure

Grants and Publications
The use of data generated in a core facility in a grant application, progress report or publication contains the implicit understanding that the PI or authors will acknowledge the use of the core facility. Since many of our facilities are supported by federal agencies, such acknowledgement is mandatory. 

If core personnel provide significant intellectual input to the results submitted for publication, then it is reasonable and appropriate to include them as co-authors. Since circumstances vary widely, each case should be considered individually.

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