Cardiac Imaging Research Core Facility (CIRC)

The Cardiac Imaging Research Core Lab (CIRCL) provides shared access to state-of-the-art multimode clinical and preclinical image analysis tools and data transfer infrastructure. The core lab enables its users to perform advanced image analysis, participate in multi-centre imaging research, and provide imaging core lab services to research projects of all sizes. CIRCL and its collaborators provide a full spectrum of consultation and technical services for successful project management from conception to completion.


  • Shared computer equipment (Room H1216+H1431+H1110)
  • Data transfer, management, and archiving
  • Image analysis 
  • Study coordination
  • Imaging and interpretation standardization
  • Study design
  • Statistical analysis
  • Software development and prototyping
  • Training and education

Quick facts

  • Over $1M invested from CAIN-CFI, UOHI, Image-HF, MDS-Nordion, and other sources
  • Over 60TB of secure and regularly backed-up data storage
  • High-performance computing (HPC) capabilities (MATLAB, etc.)
  • More than a dozen modern computer work stations
  • Large, high-quality graphical displays
  • User-friendly and PHI-secure data transfer and anonymization protocols
  • Dozens of unique imaging and statistical analysis software packages
  • Supported imaging modalities: PET, µPET, SPECT, µSPECT, CT, µCT, ECHO, µECHO, MRI, histology
  • Over 60,000 lines of code written
  • Local support from the on-site CIRCL manager
  • An extensive and growing library of hard-copy monographs and e-books, freely available for internal use.


CIRCL and its participating researchers play a range of roles including:

  • Lead site – Main site administering a research project including funding, study design, study management, data analysis, and publication.
  • Core lab – A specialized lab, able to perform advanced analysis, quality assurance, and standardization of image acquisition and interpretation.
  • Imaging site – A site that acquires data and performs interpretation as part of a multi-center trial.

Funding Support

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