Returning to Work

In deciding when you can return to work, you and your doctor will consider:

  • How stable your condition is
  • How safe you are to do your job
  • What the licensing requirements are (e.g., for truck drivers or pilots)
  • What the demands of your job are-both physically and mentally

What your doctor needs to know about your job:

  • The physical work that you do, including lifting or carrying
  • Whether you use heavy tools, like jackhammers
  • The conditions that you work under; for example, for some people these might be extreme temperatures, poor ventilation, or late hours
  • The amount of job stress you have

If you have it available, take a copy of your job description to your doctor.

Papers You Need When Returning to Work

You require a letter from your doctor or a medical certificate or form stating:

  • When you can return to work
  • What you can or cannot do

If your doctor writes "light duty," this needs to be explained: what duties you can perform, what hours you can work, and how long light duty is to continue.

Where to Get Help with Your Questions About Work

  • A vocational counsellor who specializes in work-related issues will be available through your Cardiac Rehabilitation program.
  • There may be help at your workplace, such as through a human resources staff member, an occupational health nurse, or a company doctor.
  • Your family physician may be able to help.