Centre for Valvular Heart Disease Mobile Screening Program

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Valvular heart diseases are dysfunctions of the "doors" that direct blood flow within the heart. These diseases affect hundreds of thousands of people in Canada. Heart valve problems are often undetected, and late detection may have severe consequences. Our mobile screening program offers early detection, diagnosis, and treatment of valvular heart disease. 

We welcome anyone who is 65 years of age and older with no known heart issues to participate in this free mobile heart valve screening program.

Your participation will be a 30 to 60-minute appointment and involve:

  • A mini ultrasound of your heart done by the sonographer
  • An evaluation with the nurse who will measure your blood pressure, and a rapid finger poke blood tests to evaluate your cardiovascular risk factors (cholesterol and diabetes)
  • Your results will be reviewed by the cardiologist
  • Recommendations will be provided at the end of your visit

Space is limited. Schedule your appointment today.

Please call 613-696-7047 or email @email.