Trainee Corner


Located in the nation’s capital, the University of Ottawa Heart Institute (UOHI) provides an excellent training environment for the next generation of research leaders. The only centre of its kind in Canada, the Institute seamlessly integrates world class care with state-of-the-art research.

The Institute is home to more than 60 graduate students and fellows and is fully dedicated to supporting the academic and professional development of our trainees. Our excellent research environment is a perfect place to obtain relevant experience, build a strong network and attain necessary mentorship that propels trainees into leadership roles.

Internal Endowed Fellowships and Graduate Awards are available to current, as well as incoming trainees. For more information, visit the UOHI’s Endowed Fellowship and Graduate Award page.

If you are interested in becoming a UOHI trainee, visit the research teams’ profile pages and contact prospective supervisor(s) directly.

UOHI Trainee Committee

The UOHI Trainee Committee is a central body that advocates for and promotes the welfare and interests of all Heart Institute trainees including Postdoctoral Fellows, Clinical Fellows, Residents, Graduate Students, Undergraduate Research Students, Summer Research Assistants, Visiting Fellows and Students, and New Professionals, in keeping with the Institute’s vision and priorities related to educational and research excellence.

The Committee’s mandate is to enhance the visibility and representation of trainees in all Institute-wide research activities, contribute to the development of institutional policies for trainees, advocate for trainees’ needs and concerns and ensure the distribution of relevant information.

The Committee hosts a number of trainee-focused events including the regional Cardiovascular Research Day, the weekly Work in Progress Trainee Rounds, and various career and skill building workshops. See our calendar of events for more information.

Research Day

Research Day recognizes excellence and showcases cardiovascular research accomplishments in the Ottawa region through moderated oral presentations and poster sessions. It provides an opportunity for trainees to hone their presentation skills and network with faculty. Event prizes include the prestigious Polk Award for Best Oral Presentation and the Coralie Lalonde Innovation Award.

Work in Progress (WIP) Trainee Rounds

The weekly Work in Progress (WIP) Trainee Rounds provide a regional venue for cardiovascular trainees to present their current research. These Rounds are also aimed at promoting cross-disciplinary interactions and collaborations.

Career and Skill Building Workshops

The career and skill building workshops provide trainees with an opportunity to get advice from professionals on possible career paths and opportunities, as well as acquiring new skills to help with career advancement.  Upcoming skill building workshops include: Conference presentation skills 101, conference poster skills 101 and how to effectively pitch a project/idea.

Social Events

The committee organizes various social events throughout the year. This is a great place to meet fellow trainees and network to build on scientific collaborations within the Institute.

We would love for new trainees to get involved with the committee. If you are interested in joining or have questions contact us for more information: @email