Coming for a Cardiac Imaging Test

If you are coming to the Heart Institute for a cardiac imaging test, the following information will help your visit go smoothly.

Getting to Your Appointment

  • Allow time before your appointment to get from your car or transit to the imaging department. See location, parking and transit information for details.
  • Some imaging tests take a few hours to complete. In such cases, consider using the parking lot instead of street parking, as you may not be able to leave during the test to pay for additional time at a meter.

Before You Come

  • Take your usual medications unless otherwise directed by your physician.
  • Bring all of your medications with you in the original bottles.
  • Ensure that you have your health card with you.
  • Do not use any scented skin products (talcum, lotion, perfume, cologne, aftershave, etc.).
  • You may have been provided further instructions to follow prior to your appointment. If you are not sure, check the webpage for your test.
  • If you are unable to keep your appointment for any reason or require further information, please contact the Cardiac Imaging department at 613-696-7066.

Your Appointment

When you come to the Heart Institute, please check in with central registration in the front lobby. Then proceed to the S-Level and wait in the waiting room for your name to be called. Please ask for directions from the registration clerk or one of our friendly volunteers wearing red vests. They will be pleased to help you get to where you are going.

  • The webpage for your test will have more information about what will happen during your appointment.
  • A report from your test will be sent to the doctor(s) involved in your care.

Before You Leave

  • Make sure you know if there are any next steps following your appointment. 
  • If you parked in one of the hospital lots, be sure to pay for your parking at the machine located in the Main Lobby before you go to your car.

Consent to Contact

In preparation for your upcoming visit, please take the time to read the Facts and Questions (pdf) sheet. You will be asked at registration for your permission to be contacted for research purposes.

What does this mean for you?

  • Heart Institute healthcare staff will ask your permission for researchers to contact you.
  • Saying yes does NOT mean you are agreeing to participate in a study. It just permits the researchers to contact you.
  • Deciding not to allow permission for the researcher to contact you will NOT affect the care you receive.
  • If you have provided permission, researchers may contact you to discuss your potential for participation in the study.
  • Research participation is completely voluntary!

The images below are interactive

Touring instructions: Click and drag your mouse anywhere in the picture to move about the room. On mobile devices, drag your finger to pan the scene and pinch to zoom in or out.

Cardiac imaging waiting room 

Once registered at central registration in the front lobby (or through the kiosk), patients proceed to the S-level cardiac imaging waiting room (H-S300). From here, please wait for your name to be called. 

Patient holding

Our patient holding area has five bed bays and is reserved for patients waiting for imaging tests or who require monitoring or observation following a procedure.