Cardiovascular disease affects one in three women. Less social support after a cardiac event affects prognosis and health status, particularly in women.

Women@Heart is a peer support program led by women with heart disease, for women with heart disease that aims to create a caring environment for women to learn from each other.

Women@Heart provides women with heart disease, in every community, with access to emotional support, educational support and a caring environment for a better recovery after a cardiac event. The program:

  • Promotes coping to reduce risk of isolation associated with heart disease diagnosis in women
  • Empowers women to take charge of their heart health and to better understand their condition
  • Creates a caring environment for women to learn from each other by sharing their stories
  • Represents a volunteer force of women who will become agents of change by being advocates for heart healthy women in their communities

If you're interested in participating as part of your recovery or in becoming a peer leader, contact us to get involved at 613-696-7000 x10412.

For more information and to register, visit Women@Heart.