Research Training

Our physicians and scientists have created a culture of excellence to ensure the development of research skills with projects and published work in areas where the Heart Institute has established leadership in cardiovascular medicine. We focus on opportunities for transdisciplinary and translational knowledge exchange and research collaboration among leading investigators as well as other prominent institutions in Canada, the United States and around the world.

The Heart Institute offers many programs in education that include the following:

  • Undergraduate students
  • Medical students
  • Graduate students (MSc or PhD candidates)
  • Postdoctoral fellows
  • Residents with clinical rotations at the Heart Institute
  • Cardiology and cardiac surgery residents
  • Clinical fellows and research-focused fellows


Clinical Investigator Program (CIP)

Cardiologist residents with an interest in a career as a clinician investigator, the University of Ottawa offers the CIP, which is accredited by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons.  This program provides a formal postgraduate medical education pathway that fulfils the existing specialty/subspecialty requirements of the Royal College and provides, in addition, a minimum of two years of research training.

Resident Cardiology Training Program

This program demands extensive clinical expectations and participation in educational activities. Royal College requirements call for a mandatory minimum of two months of research training to a maximum of eight months. Heart Institute expectations involve completion of one research project and one published manuscript

Research Mentorship

Mentorship is provided by a chosen supervisor and Research Advisory Committee (RAC). The on-site Research Methods Centre may also be consulted to provide methodological and biostatistical support. In addition to the supervisor, an on-site research officer is available to assist with research ethics submissions.

Beyond the laboratory, activities focus on the following:

  • Weekly Monday Noon Research Rounds
  • Subspecialty Research Rounds
  • Landmark Trial Rounds
  • UOHI Research Day
  • CIP Program (accredited by the RCPS)
  • Research Fellowships
  • Transdisciplinary Rounds – Bench to Bedside
  • Research Methods Seminar Series with Dr. George Wells
  • Submitting Manuscripts for Publication

Laboratory Research

Laboratories and multidisciplinary teams throughout the Heart Institute have programs where research skills, innovation and excellence are developed among young investigators. In many cases, trainee positions in the labs are coordinated and filled directly by the investigators themselves. See our Labs section for contact points and information on individual labs.